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Arava Zeevi
Gali Goffer

Arava Zeevi

Arava zeevi is a lecturer and workshop facilitator for BoBazman Senior Facilitator, trainer and public speaker with 20 years of leading industry expertise in founding numerous companies in domestic and international marketplaces.

International Senior Group Facilitator capable of delivering to a variety of audiences including senior executives.


Mrs. Zeevi founded Bugaboo Israel in 2003 and with her visionary leadership created a company that thrives, a company that is a market leader in the Israeli market today. She has broad experience in management as she was the CEO of Essence Training for 10 years, an international company located in Amsterdam, Holland.

Mrs. Zeevi worked with management teams in Israel and in Europe engaging a supportive learning environment to help optimize results. She coached individuals and teams professionally as well as in their personal lives. She is an expert in change management and creating motivation in team, communication, conflict management and more.

She lives in Raanana and mother of three.


Gali Goffer

Gali goffer is a lecturer and workshop facilitator for BoBazman. Senior Facilitator and Academic Director of the Management Development Program at IMC – Israeli Management Center aka Hamil.

International Senior Group Facilitator.

Expert in developing a managerial mindset and implementing practical managerial tools to ensure effectivity and success.

                                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Goffer has an extensive and rich experience in a variety of areas, including: Management and leadership, communication and conflict management, employee motivation, mentoring and feedback, OJT process, effective presentation, customer service, sales and more.

 For the past 15 years, Mrs. Goffer has been leading management courses in Israel and around the world in organizations such as:  Africa Israel AFI, KLA, Sintec Media, Cardo Systems, Israeli Airports Authority, Shamir Optical Ltd and more. Alongside training, Mrs. Goffer coaches managers in organizations for the assimilation and implementation of the content learned in the workshops and courses themselves.

Netser Tsadok
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Netser Tsadok is a lecturer and workshop facilitator for BoBazman.

Netser has extensive experience in the High-Tech industry and Digital Media field.

Apart from playing a role as a facilitator at BoBazman, he is a Senior Customer Success Manager at a Cyber Security company and manages a wide variety of clients that spread around the world.

In addition, he operates as a career guide and consultant  for his peers and colleagues. In this role, he helps people find their best route while creating a compatible CV.

Netser has a B.A in Technological Marketing from Sapir University.

Netser is passionate about time management and spends his days and nights trying to find the right formula of having a peaceful and balanced life while keeping the ongoing development in his career.

He lives in Tel-Aviv with his girlfriend. 

Adi, Facilitator and time management personal coach on behalf of Bo Bazman.
In addition, Adi facilitates groups and guides women, leads the "Infinite Joy Living" community that focuses on living life with balance, acceptance and joy.
She facilitates workshops infused with phototherapy, CBT & DBT techniques. 

Adi graduated with a Bachelor's degree in social sciences, master's degree in consulting and organizational development. 

She is a Theta Healing Practitioner and a graduate of the Bo Bazman time management instructor course.

Adi lives in Kochav Yair, with her partner and their 3 wonderful children.

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Adi Raanan Fish
Dorit Wasserma

Dorit Wasserman is a lecturer and workshop facilitator in time management for "BoBazman."

In addition, Dorit does workshop facilitation in service improvement, management development, youth intended for military service, and financial training. 

Dorit dedicated 24 years of her life to a career as a senior branch manager at Israeli Discount Bank.

In the past four years, Dorit went on a diplomatic mission as director of the consular department at the Israeli Embassy to the united States in  Washington, DC.

Dorit owns a bachelor's degree in behavioral sciences (Bar Ilan), a master's degree in administration and public policy (Tel Aviv University), and a certification in group facilitation (Tel Aviv University).

In her personal life, Dorit Engages in several types of sports and competes in swimming as part of the Masters League. She lives in Netanya, is married to Zvika, and is a mother of three: Oz, Shir, and Keren.

International Senior Group Facilitator.

Expert in developing a managerial mindset and implementing practical managerial tools to ensure effectivity and success.


Yoad Rowner

Yoad Rawner

Yoad is a trainer and personal coach on behalf of "BoBazman". He has a deep understanding of of habits formation and the processes involved and believes in customization for each and every one to find her own path for better time management.
An expert in the Getting Things Done methodology - a time management system that helps cope with prioritization, stress and a demanding life.
Yoad works as a partner at HolacracyOne which specializes and teaches self-management and autonomy in organizations.
Previously he ran a successful e-Commerce company and worked as a technical recruiter at startups and for
Yoad is an active voice for raising the awareness for self-management throughout Israel and learning more effective ways of organizational management.
Speaks Hebrew and English. A resident of Rehovot. Lives with a partner and two children.

Tanya Gershman
Ganit Prisant Henkin
Josephine Sakran
Arava zeevi
Choose Wisely, Accomplish More & Find Peace of Mind!
Hemi Banner

Hadas is a personal trainer for time management on behalf of BoBazman Europe.

She is a self-employed who coach people for change and growth in their lives.

After more than 15 years of experience in team leadership, management and work process development I decided to share my experience with others and teach them how they can improve and upgrade their quality of life in any field they want.

Holds a B.A. From Sapir college in management and public administration as well as certificate for personal coaching at the Extra Mile Academy in Amsterdam.

Lives in Amsterdam, married and mother of three children.

Hadas Abadi

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