Hila Graf

Hila Graf is a BoBazman Canada Instructor and National Manager of Instruction. She is a theatre director, educator and instructor, living in Vancouver, BC. Hila is also the Education & Outreach Associate at the Arts Club Theatre Company, the largest theatre company in Western Canada. For Hila, workshops, lectures, and courses are playgrounds for creativity and development. She has led and trained numerous and diverse groups of youth and adults in various theatre projects and courses (both in-person and online) in Israel and Canada.


Limor Smits

Workshop facilitator and personal trainer on time management on behalf of "at the same time". Owner of an accounting firm, budget and financial management coach, female empowerment instructor for change and growth and deliver motivational lectures for women in the Netherlands and abroad. Studying a second year coaching course at Noa Brrume's The ICCI in the Netherlands.


Michal Cohen Yardeni

Michal is a BoBazman Instructor, USA. Michal graduated from Ben Gurion University with BSc in Math and Computer Science. After a few years working as a software engineer, Michal relocated with her husband to New York,  joined Siemens and built her career as an accomplished Program Manager and Systems Integrator with over 15 years of experience in leading teams and contributing to the successful execution of public transport control and communications projects. At the same time Michal built a beautiful family of two, now teenage, boys and a little girl who all together bring into practice her project manager and negotiation skills much more than any other project could.


Josephine Sakran

Josephine Sakran holds a bachelor's degree in behavioral sciences, a 

master's degree in international relations, specializing in negotiation and decision-making, and a diploma in public relations  from the University of Haifa. Served as the administrative director of the Nazareth Industrial Park, one of the industrial parks of the industrialist Steph Wertheimer for 9 and a half years.  Director of Marketing and Public Relations.  She lectures to diverse groups from all over the world in three languages ​​- Arabic, Hebrew and English, including political delegations, ambassadors, ministers, businessmen, etc.

Josephine and her family moved to west Canada - British Columbia.  She graduated with a degree in business administration and volunteers with organizations that support refugees from the Middle East. Married and a mother of 3 sons.


Michal Zinar

Michal Zinar is a BoBazman Workshop facilitator. 

Having worked in the Digital Marketing sector for many years, working for leading platforms such as Facebook and Google, and later moved on to an executive assistant position in a multinational digital company supporting the CEO. 

Michal is also a consultant for Branding and Digital Marketing.

Traveled and lived around the world in many countries, amongst them New Zealand, Uruguay, UK and currently in Spain, Michal has extensive experience working with and in multicultural environments and seeks the richness of diversity both in the professional and personal life.

Qualified Reflexologist and runs her own Reflexology clinic, Michal made the natural choice to study alternative therapy, as it goes in line with her belief that our sense of balance and vitality can be achieved by increasing our awareness to the state of our body and mind. 

Michal is a mother of three teenage boys who bring out the best part of her people and project management skills. 


Noa Brume 

Noa Brume is a lecturer and workshop facilitator for BoBazman.
She is the owner and manager of The ICCI - The International Coaching & Counselling Institute, an international training centre based in The Netherlands, through which the BoBazman workshops are being given.
Noa has been training and teaching adults since 1993. She first taught at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and later in Oxford University. She has been training coaching courses since 2013.
It is Noa’s positive and dynamic approach which makes her teaching interesting and engaging.

Noa is a popular trainer and lecturer with international companies and organisations. She’s often invited by respected institutions to give training and talks on various topics related to personal and professional development, coaching and leadership.
In 2015 Noa gave a TEDx talk.

Having lived in Israel, Paris, London and now The Netherlands, Noa is well experienced in working with the international community, a thing which translates into her work as a lecturer and trainer on the courses and workshops she’s leading.

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