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Our Workshops and Lectures

Our goal is to provide hands-on tools to help workers decrease stress while increasing productivity.

Here are some of our very practical, up to date, and most engaging workshops and lectures for your organization.


Working From Home

Practical Tools

 Doing More in Less Time -

 Productivity in the Home Environment

  • The high price of multitasking and switchtasking

  • The ultimate work space

  • Overcome distractions

  • The biological clock 

  • New working hours

Balancing Work and Home - from HOME

Finding balance

  • The workspace environment

  • Communicating remotely 

  • Navigate work and children 

For Managers  - Managing Up Close

from a Distance

  • New Management policies for working remotely

  • Work procedures to fit home settings 

  • Strengthening employee’s

  • Managing virtual meetings

  • Personalizing monitoring work production

Woman Working from Home

Prioritizing in a changing world

“Intended - to do!”


 Living up to what really matters

 Prioritizing in a constantly changing world

  • Conscious Self-Management

  • Lead your time to accomplish what really matters

  • Reclaiming control 

    Managing my time instead of letting time managing me

  • The art of task management

  • Organize your mind 

  • A “to do” list you actually do

    Planning wisely - Smart use of your calendar

  • “Whole self” approach 

  • Promoting self-tasks

  • Scheduling according to biological clock

  • Using our calendar for follow ups  


Staying focused in the age of


 "Hocus Focus" 

 Staying focused in the age of mega-tasking

  • Why are we tech addicts? 

  • The price we pay for having distractions

  • Staying focused

  • Work environment that supports

  • concentration and productivity

    Working with “Inbox Zero”

  • Emails. Emails. Emails. 

  • Principles of inbox filing

  • Getting to an empty box and keeping it empty​

Tech Accessories
Let us help your organization find the path for a new time management culture that works
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