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Our Workshops and Lectures

Our goal is to provide hands-on tools to help workers decrease stress while increasing productivity.

Here are some of our very practical, up to date, and most engaging workshops and lectures for your organization.


“Intended - To do!”

Prioritizing in a Changing World


 Living up to what really matters - prioritizing in a constantly changing world

  • Conscious Self-Management

  • Lead your time to accomplish what really matters

  • Reclaiming control 

Managing my time instead of letting time manage me

  • The art of task management

  • Organize your mind 

  • A “to-do” list you actually do

Planning wisely - smart use of your calendar

  • “Whole self” approach 

  • Promoting self-tasks

  • Scheduling according to your biological clock

  • Using our calendar for follow ups  

Woman Working from Home

"Hocus Focus" 

Focus management

 Staying focused in the age of mega-tasking

  • Why are we tech addicts? 

  • The price we pay for having distractions

  • Staying focused

  • Work environments that support
    concentration and productivity

Working with “Inbox Zero”

  • Emails. Emails. Emails. 

  • Principles of inbox filing

  • Achieving an empty box and keeping it empty​


Productivity Anywhere 

Practical Tools for hybrid work

Doing more in less time - productivity in the Home Environment

  • The high price of multitasking and switch-tasking

  • The ultimate work space

  • Overcome distractions

  • The biological clock 

  • New working hours

Balancing work and home (from HOME) -finding the balance

  • The workspace environment

  • Communicating remotely 

  • Navigate work and children 

Tech Accessories
Let us help your organization find the path for a new time management culture that works

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