In today's jungle where each of us has many roles in life,

a desire for success, endless distractions,

and no time for ourselves…

we never really stopped to learn how to

Choose Wisely, Accomplish More & Find Peace of Mind.

Both at home and work!

Our Vision
 To create a time management culture that
empowers people from around the world
to live the life they want to live
Our mission
To provide people with practical time management concepts and tools that will enable them to choose right and do 
Our Values:
Our Workshops and Lectures

Prioritizing and task management 

 In a Changing World

Staying Focused In The Age Of Switch-Tasking

Working From Home 

 Why choose us?
Founder and director of BoBazman - Tali Segal - Specializes in time management and work-life balance in organizations for over a decade, developed BoBazman’s method for implementing habits in time management, and keeps developing innovative content that uses practical tools for managers and employees around the world.
BoBazman understands that busy managers and employees are juggling multiple roles at home and work. Recognizing there are hundreds of priorities and distractions competing for their time.
The current pandemic has presented new challenges such as working from home while coping with uncertainty and frequent routine changes.
For that reason, BoBazman has developed an original integrative method to help busy managers and employees to Choose Wisely, Accomplish More & Find Peace of Mind!
By developing useful tools to help decrease stress and increase productivity.
Bobazman acknowledges that every organization has specific needs. Therefore, all workshops and lectures are customized by:
  • Content adaptation to match the unique culture and characteristics of the organization
  • Accommodating to the participant's personality and personal challenges
  • Choosing an instructor from a similar organizational field
  • Adapting applicable practices in the organization
Choose Wisely, Accomplish More & Find Peace of Mind!
Let us help your organization find the path for a new time management culture that works